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Since April, I have lost 30 pounds, 16.5 inches overall (11.25 from my waist and hips!) and 9.2% body fat! I owe it the Isagenix protein shakes and bars, eating clean, determination and most importantly, Julie Fostin. I started training again with Julie after being away from the gym for 8 months. I signed up for an 8 week challenge and jumpstarted my fitness journey. I started training with Julie once a week, started running, took different cardio and weight training classes, and maintained a clean diet. I count my calories with Myfitnesspal, track my sleep and steps with my UP band, and my calories burned with my Polar Fitness heart rate monitor. All of these things keep me accountable for my diet and have helped me learn how to keep a manageable balance. 


I love Julie!!! She has become such an integral part of my life and schedule, that she has far exceeded

the role of trainer, and is really one of my closest friends. In addition to our hour of training, I know I can expect "check up" texts after new workouts, checking my soreness and my exercise for the week. She continues to challenge me and tailor my workouts to my new goals, all while chatting about our lives, our work and weekends. She knows when I'm not feeling 100% and when I can do a few extra reps. When my fluctuating schedule became an issue, she researched the best eating schedules for people working 12hr night shifts. She keeps me feeling confident, strong and motivated. I followed her to our new gym, Dartmouth Total Fitness, where I feel comfortable and safe, and am always greeted with a smile!! I still HATE jump squats, can tolerate burpees, but I LOVE my trainer and my new happy, healthy body!!

-Lauren Caldas-Higham


"For the past six months I’ve been training on a weekly basis with Julie. For years, I’ve tried multiple trainers and it wasn’t until I began working with Julie that I began to realize she was different than anyone else I had trained with before. At the time of starting with Julie I was out of shape, not feeling myself, and I hadn’t been to the gym in over a year. Needless to say it was a rough start on my end. That didn’t stop Julie though.. she continued to work with me, never giving up through the difficult early stages, where I then was able to get out of my comfort zone and truly work harder than I ever have. I’ve found that I’ve never had a trainer listen more than Julie has. She creates workouts that are essential to my success and I’ve only grown stronger and stronger each week because of it. In years past, I never actually saw results no matter how hard I would work but with Julie I am first the first time in my life seeing amazing results through her hard work and dedication to only improve myself. Not only have I lost weight but I am also getting toned like I have never seen before and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend training with Julie. Her amazing guidance, expertise, and uplifting spirits have helped create a happier, healthier version of myself and I couldn’t be more thankful to be able to train with her. She truly is one in a million!"

- Abby Oldham


"I have been a member at Dartmouth Total Fitness for awhile now and I never thought I would enjoy working out as much as I do! This is greatly in part due to Julie Fostin, an amazing trainer who cares deeply about each and every person she helps! Julie has a special personality that makes you want to push yourself and be the best person you can be! She takes a very unique approach for each person she helps! From the emails and individual text messages to the talks before and after her training sessions and classes! I know for a fact I would NOT be where I am today without her help and guidance! Julie is simply an amazing, amazing person, who I am so blessed to have coaching and guiding me. She has also begun helping our daughter and the results both inner and outer for our daughter are truly a blessing! Anyone lucky enough to have julie helping them is very lucky indeed! Again cannot say enough about this woman, she IS Wonder Woman! I thank my lucky stars for having her there for me and countless others!!! Sincerely, Betsey Oldham, fitness nut, Manager of an Olympia Sports, wife, and mother of three great kids."

- Betsey Oldham


My fitness journey started in February 24, 2014 when a friend and I went out to lunch. I told her I wanted to lose a good amount of weight. I was 220 lbs. and eating out of boxes. Everything was processed, microwaved or take-out. I had high blood pressure and was taking the highest does of my medication. It was barely making a dent in my numbers.


She went with me that day, after lunch, to join Weight Watchers (WW). She had been successful on the program and thought it would be a good fit for me. I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat. I knew what I was eating was bad, but I was in denial how bad it really was.


WW taught me it’s all about choices and informed decisions. I also started going to Zumba classes 2 times a week with my cousins, whom had also been successful with WW. I lost 82 lbs. in 9 months. Eating vegetables and lean meat (REAL FOOD!) and moving more got me a lower number on the scale but I didn’t feel strong.


I felt scrawny. I may have had 25% body fat but I felt like I had no muscle. I was now a free lifetime member at WW so I decided to flip that monthly payment into a gym membership. I had never belonged to a gym. I had been chunky and uncoordinated in high school. I didn’t play sports. I had no idea where to begin.

I found out some friends belonged to Total Fitness in Dartmouth. I decided to check them out online. I needed to see more before I was willing to spend a good chuck of change on a membership. I went one morning and asked for a tour of the gym. Dave was kind and totally understanding. I told him I had never been to a gym before and he made me feel like no one was here to judge me. Everyone has to start their fitness journey somewhere.


He sold me and I told him I wanted to set up my first free personal training session right away and Dave made me an appointment with Julie for the next morning. I met with Julie and even though she was fitter than me and stronger than me I was not uncomfortable. She made me feel like everyone starts somewhere and she was willing to guide me through the first few steps. She even checks in on me to make sure I’m sore in the right places and feeling good about the group fitness classes I’m taking. She has taught me to “listen” to my body when it talks to me.


At that first meeting we tried some machines in the Nautilus area… and I liked it. I liked the way my body felt after two circuits. I wasn’t going to sign up for more personal training appointments, but I wanted to know more about weight training. I knew how to do cardio like a fiend but I wanted to build muscle. I wanted to be strong. I emailed Julie later that week to sign up for 5 Personal Training appointments with her.


I still have 2 more appointments with Julie and have only attended the gym since the end of October. I feel stronger. I’ve lost about 5 pounds in 4 weeks. I wasn’t looking to lose any more weight, it just happened. I see definition in my arms and I’m happier with how my stomach looks.

 -Julia Furtado-Lavoie


"I've noticed such a big difference since the first session with Julie. I'm stronger and much more confident in myself and around others. Working out went from being a chore to I can't be without it. Julie keeps me on track and accountable...which is what I need on this weight loss/living healthy journey. Thank you Julie!"

- Liz Gillet


I first met Julie when I attended her kickboxing and step classes at Howland Place Fitness Center about 3 years ago. Her enthusiasm towards fitness was contagious and I was hooked! I always had an interest in fitness but it developed much further after I met Julie. When Howland Place closed, I followed her to Dartmouth Total Fitness for the classes. When Julie started the Fever Fit Program, I immediately joined and loved it! I have signed up for the program consistently since it started and I continue to grow and learn more about fitness with each session. With the help of Julie, I lost 7 lbs that I gained over the last few years and gained more self confidence in myself. In the program, there are weekly check ins, weekly emails and goals. Through the check ins and weekly emails, Julie has helped me stay on track with my diet which is an area I struggle in. The setting of goals has also helped me tremendously. Knowing I have something to be accountable for has helped me stay on track. Julie is 

very supportive and pushes me in my fitness when she knows I should be pushing myself. I recently got married and received so many compliments about how great I looked. I couldn't help but think about Julie and how much she has helped me through all of our work together. I am so grateful to work with her and look forward to continuing to do so! 


The day that I decided to walk into Revolution Fitness was the day that changed my life.  Really not sure what to expect, especially where I had never belonged to a gym before, I was very skeptical.  I had always thought of myself as not much of a gym person, that it just wasn't for me.  Two and a half years later, I am still here and I really have to give all of the credit to my "Personal Trainer", Julie Fostin.  She is truly my inspiration, my motivation and the person whom I feel has dedicated her expertise in physical fitness to benefit all of my needs.  I have had Julie as my Personal Trainer since day one, and I am very grateful for everything she has done for me.  Julie has the knack to make you want to succeed and be your best, all at your own pace.  She is an amazing person and one of the best Personal Trainers by far.

-Brenda Beauregard


"Over a year ago, I came to Julie as a somewhat regular runner, and since then, my progression has been immense. She has challenged me cardiovascular-wise, in strength, and agility. I am a better all around athlete from her training sessions and classes, and she also has a keen ability to sense when to push me further. I am so grateful that she has helped me stay consistent in staying fit and strong. Even after a serious knee injury, I am training for a half marathon. I look forward to her kicking my butt every week.

-Julie Milhoua



"Training with Julie is the best part of my week. I have been doing the Fever Fit program for the past 3 months and I have noticed such a change in my appearance and stamina. It's just the change my workouts needed."

- Deb Smith


"Julie is knowledgeable, supportive and gives you just enough push to get you a healthier, leaner body. She is awesome!"- Christine Ross


I love Julie’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and her ability to make everyone feel like they belong. Her exercise routines challenge us to meet and increase our individual potentials. Which has helped me immensely. Keep up your motivational spirit we all sincerely appreciate it !!!! (especially me) Thank you for making us feel good about ourselves 👍. I always look forward to your classes. -Camille


This email is to speak to Julie Fostin and her amazing teaching and coaching abilities as a trainer! I have worked with Julie for many years of my fitness journey! I love her, she is inspirational and probably the most caring and hardworking person I haveknow in the fitness industry! Anyone would be lucky to have her as their trainer! They should consider themselves lucky if they get the chance to work with her! -Betsey Oldham 😄


Julie is the best. Demanding but mindful of your limits and weaknesses. She is cheerful and thoughtful. I highly recommend her. - Austin Hoyt

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