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My Purpose

In these most trying days I have been trying to figure out what my PURPOSE is…It has been really tough since Total Fitness has closed. I went from working seven days a week and many many hours…to trying to find my way to my new normal. It took me about a good two weeks to figure that out as I floundered through my days. For those of you who know me know that I am very organized and time managed, I had to be, I was a very busy trainer, instructor and manager. My days were filled with countless activities and there were many days it was overwhelming but it was always worth it and I knew my PURPOSE.

All I could think about once the gym closed (Total Fitness) was my clients, members, coworkers and how this didn’t fit into anyones plan. So I reached out to my coworkers with an overwhelming response for videos and workouts to post on social media so we can keep everyone moving. Very proud to but part of such a great team of like minded professionals we all live a pretty humble lifestyle. You see we get into fitness/health/wellness industry because we want to help folks be a happier and healthier version of themselves. We want to motivate folks to reach their goals that is how we fulfill our PURPOSE.

With these uncertain times many of us fitness professionals have had to get out of the comfort zone. Learning how to do Facebook Live, filming videos, Zoom and some of us just got on social media for the first time. I can only speak for myself but the amount of gratitude I have received from the members, my clients and my coworkers (technology help) has helped me find my new PURPOSE.

Thank you to those of you who have helped me find my way.

-Julie Fostin

AFAA CPT, Precision Nutrition PN1

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